Iceland: Breathtaking Scenery, Staggering Prices

We’re currently in Iceland, home of black sand beaches, icy glacier lagoons, breathtaking Northern Lights … and staggering prices.

The small island country is a photographer’s paradise and offers a wide variety of terrain that is all within drivable distance (weather permitting). We got a terrific package deal for a weeklong visit through Gate 1 Travel. It cost us just $869 per person for round-trip airfare from New York to Reykjavík and seven days at the Skuggi Hotel, and we brought Ben with us for a spring break adventure.

It’s a good thing we got such a great price on airfare and hotel, because everything else in Iceland is incredibly expensive and may soon be even pricier. For example, our three-person lunch today included a pulled pork sandwich, chicken wings, fries, a salad, a soft drink, and two beers for $93 USD. And that’s before tipping! Check our next post for ways we saved money on this trip.

While it is expensive, Iceland is a bucket list destination for many people, including Mike. “I fell in love with Iceland at a young age, before I had ever ventured further than North Carolina or Florida,” he said. “In the library of Clark Memorial Elementary, I found a picture atlas of Iceland full of waterfalls, glaciers, and northern lights. Here was this tiny country, isolated and frozen, but so achingly beautiful. I knew that I had to see that place, someday. And now, here I am. Iceland, you don’t disappoint.”

The country’s official tourism website notes that “Iceland is not a destination. It’s an adventure set in stunning scenery.” We couldn’t agree more, and we’re looking forward to sharing more of our adventure with you!