Cross-Country Road Trip: Speeding Tickets and Cold Water Rafting in Arizona’s Glen Canyon

To be honest, I had never heard of Glen Canyon until we were setting up camp on the shores of Wahweap Bay, an offshoot of the iconic Lake Powell. Ironic, because the lake we had come to see was man-made, actually sitting on top of Glen Canyon and created by the damming of the Colorado River in 1963. Having just crossed the state line from Utah into Arizona, we were stopping here to wash off the high desert dust in one of America's most famous and scenic water-borne playgrounds.

Cross-Country Road Trip: Bryce Canyon National Park

Travel typically involves movement. A physical, material shift from one location to another that reveals the glory of this world. The vistas of the Alps versus the Andes versus the Himalayas. The striking contrast between the eastern and western banks of the Bosphorus Strait. The Pacific Coast Highway repeatedly taking your breath away with each successive bend in the road. But, sometimes, you can find a place that allows you to stand perfectly still and let the world reveal itself to you, with each passing moment your view morphing into something new and unique and never to be seen again. Bryce Canyon is one of those places.

Cross-Country Road Trip: Drive-Through Tour of Capitol Reef National Park

The copper-colored sandstone monuments of Capitol Reef National Park were stunning against the sapphire blue sky, and we were in awe as we wound our way around the park's driving tour. That's the beauty of America's national parks — there are so many different ways to explore and enjoy them.