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Arriving at the departure zone in Luxor, Egypt, the field was full of half-inflated balloons and groups of tourists clustered along the perimeter. We watched the process as each balloon was inflated, righted, filled with passengers, and launched. A beautiful ballet of fire, color and silhouette.

We arrived from Cairo in Aswan at the Corniche el Nile, essentially a concrete platform stretching down the riverbank where several cruise ships waited at their moorings alongside smaller sailing craft and brightly painted river ferries. Our ship was the MS Amwaj Livingstone, and we were welcomed aboard with all the courtesy of an ocean-going luxury vessel by attendants in crisp attire reminiscent of a more refined age of travel. Click the link to read all about our time in Egypt on We Married Adventure!

Cairo is a sprawling metropolis that veritably crackles with energy and potential.

Although the population is predominantly Muslim, there is a melting pot quality to the city that still seems unsure about its orthodoxy. Coptic churches dot the landscape, the call to prayer is largely ignored during important soccer matches, and alcohol is easily available to those who can maintain discretion.

The Egyptians are, in fact, proud of their tolerance for other beliefs and cultures. Surrounded by imposing monuments to the pagan gods of their ancestors, it would be hypocritical for them to be anything other than accepting of alternative faiths. In a word, they are open-minded, and that both surprised us and made us feel right at home.

One would be hard pressed to create a comprehensive bucket list for world travel without including Egypt and its Pyramids of Giza. Learn why this was number one on Angela’s bucket list in our latest post on We Married Adventure!