United Kingdom Adventure: Missing the Boat

We had such a wonderful day seeing the sights on the Isle of Man as we drove from one end of country to the other that we almost didn't want to leave the next morning. And thanks to Manx Ferries, we almost didn't get to.  Mike purchased our ferry tickets from Douglas, Isle of Man, to Heysham, England, before we left the U.S., and the plan was to take the train through England to Glasgow, Scotland, which was the next stop on our U.K. adventure. We were foot passengers, meaning we didn't have a vehicle to transport on the ferry, and we only had carry-on luggage, so we thought arriving 45 minutes prior to departure would give us plenty of time. We were wrong. 

United Kingdom Adventure: Isle of Man

There is a running (and sometimes heated) debate among the Irish, the Scots, and the Welsh, arguing over whose heritage is more Celtic. I'm all about a passionate discourse concerning history and philosophy, especially when it's held over a few pints in a local pub. Everyone always walks (staggers) away unconvinced, but agreeing to disagree, with nothing solved. And the world just keeps turning, oblivious. During our whirlwind tour of the UK and our short time on the Isle of Man, we were privileged to hear more than one Manxman's contribution to the Celtic argument. And I must say that I was swayed, not only because of the conviction displayed by those we met, but because of the uniquely un-British culture we experienced. The Isle of Man is a small and fiercely beautiful destination. Proud, independent locals boast of their Tynwald as the world's oldest continually-sitting parliament. They mint their own currency, the Manx pound. And they host the TT Races, the world's premier motorcycle road race.

The DJI Mavic Pro: A Video Drone Built for Adventure Travel

I have been traveling with a quadcopter drone and shooting aerial video for over three years now, capturing some excellent footage in remote locations. And while I've always been pleased with the results as my experience grew with the technology, I can’t help but think of all the amazing shots I missed simply because I did not yet have a DJI Mavic Pro.