About Us

26628_10152125960623631_1823049323_n.jpgWe are Mike and Angela Ballard, and we’re traveling the world to find our next place to live. We currently reside in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, but we’d like to move to another country in the next couple of years.

We’ve visited all sorts of places so far – Morocco, Australia, Iceland, ThailandBonaire, Ireland, Turkey, Turks & Caicos, India, and more (see the whole list of the 100+ countries we’ve visited on Nomad Mania) – and are in the process of ranking them based on our needs and preferences. Some are excellent possibilities, and others are just great places to visit on vacation.

Mike is the tech guy, and he loves to shoot photos and video on land, under water, and in the air. Angela is the bargain shopper, and she’s always on the lookout for cheap flights, good travel deals, and ways to save money on the road. Mike finds the best local beverages (follow him on Untappd), and Angela loves a good cooking class. We also have packing down to a science and are traveling the world for a year with only carry-on luggage.

Both Ballards love exploring new places and meeting locals around the world. It’s a travel marriage made in heaven! We invite you to join us in a life of adventure, one country at a time.

Work With Us

Want to work with We Married Adventure? We’re available for freelance writing, photography, and videography projects as well as marketing partnerships.

In addition to promoting your organization through traditional and social media, we can also help you evaluate and develop your hospitality offerings, train your staff, and maximize your revenue potential with new products and services specifically designed for your target audiences. Contact us for more details today!