Mumbai, India: Alone in a Sea of Smiling Faces

Angela booked our adventure to Mumbai while we were in the car on a road trip. I didn't really understand what she was doing at the time. We often play the "where in the world" game while driving, and I honestly hadn't given India much thought as a potential travel destination until she announced that the tickets were bought. When I informed friends and coworkers that our next trip would be to India, the resounding response was an incredulous, "Why?" When I began planning the trip, the question that kept tickling my brain was, "Why *not* India?" It was never previously on my radar. Why was that? What had kept me from researching an expat life in this most beautiful, ancient, exotic country? Why was India a place I was reluctant to explore? In short, what did I fear?

Cheap Flight Deals: What do you get?

We're always on the lookout for the least expensive way to visit the places we want to see. We get daily emails with airfare alerts, limited-time package deals, hotel bargains, and more. We have a list of websites we regularly scour for the same. When an airline posts a super low ticket price by accident (known as an error fare), we jump with joy and scoop it up before they fix their mistake. When you're traveling on the cheap, you learn to manage your expectations accordingly. Your international round-trip flight might only cost you $300, but it might leave at 4 a.m., and you're also likely seated in the back of the plane near the galley and bathrooms. This happens to us pretty regularly, and you develop all sorts of tricks for dealing with long, overnight flights in cramped coach quarters. And then sometimes you're pleasantly surprised.