United Kingdom Adventure: Missing the Boat

We had such a wonderful day seeing the sights on the Isle of Man as we drove from one end of country to the other that we almost didn’t want to leave the next morning. And thanks to Manx Ferries, we almost didn’t get to.

Mike purchased our ferry tickets from Douglas, Isle of Man, to Heysham, England, before we left the U.S., and the plan was to take the train through England to Glasgow, Scotland, which was the next stop on our U.K. adventure. We were foot passengers, meaning we didn’t have a vehicle to transport on the ferry, and we only had carry-on luggage, so we thought arriving 45 minutes prior to departure would give us plenty of time. We were wrong. 

Although the ferry was still docked just feet from where we were standing, we were told that it was too late to board, and there was also no way to get a refund for our $78 in prepaid tickets. And a fine day to you, too, sir. 

So close, yet so far away …

So we did what any seasoned travelers would do. We went shopping in the gift shop. It was actually a lovely experience, thanks to the delightful man who ran the Isle of Man visitors’ center, and we got some fun Manx triskelion Christmas ornaments as souvenirs.

After regrouping, we booked ourselves on the next flight from Isle of Man to Manchester, England, and booked a train from there to Glasgow. We were only a few hours (and $190) behind schedule, so not too shabby for a Plan B.

And after we arrived in Glasgow, all our troubles were forgotten, because we were staying at the best Airbnb we’ve ever experienced anywhere in the world.

Today’s expat evaluation: –all of the points for arriving early and still being too late, +1 for international phone service that allows you to reroute on the fly

4 thoughts on “United Kingdom Adventure: Missing the Boat

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