Greece: Everything Old Is New Again

Of all the places I traveled as a kid, Greece was at once both the most memorable and the most regrettable.

Memorable because of the rugged natural beauty, fascinating culture, and contagious congeniality of the Greek people. Those recollections that live in snapshots viewed through the fog of youth grown old. Leaning into the relentless headwind as we tried and failed to make port in Mykonos. An inappropriate joke told at the oracle site in Delphi. The smile of an olive-eyed Greek girl passing by on the pier.

Regrettable because, at the time, I appreciated none of it.

It was, therefore, very intentional that we chose to take the boys to Greece for their first major international journey. We wanted to give them that memorable experience of my own youth, while making a conscious effort to engender in them a tangible, present appreciation for this most ancient and awesome part of the world.


Our route overview for Turkey and Greece. Go here for more detailed map information

We traveled to Greece by way of Istanbul, Turkey, a wonderful city in its own right and deserving of its own, individual post, and we spent just enough time in Athens to whet our appetites for an extended future visit. But the majority of this trip found us exploring Rhodes by car and the Dodecanese Islands by renting our own private yacht.


Ben and me, enjoying the journey

Leaving from the ancient port of Mandraki, where the Colossus of Rhodes once gazed down on passing ships, we wound our way to safe harbor at Bozuk Bükü, off the Bozburun Peninsula of Turkey, and then on to the islands of Symi, Nisyros, and Kos, with a brief diving excursion off the island of Pserimos. Our return route took us to the secluded Eristos Beach of Tilos and then along the northern coast of Rhodes before bringing us full circle back to Mandraki Harbor and the timelessness of Rhodes City.


DJI drone view of Mandraki Harbor in Rhodes


Angela, making memories and stepping into the Mediterranean Sea for the first time

For the sake of convenience, I have provided a chronological list of the locations we visited during this trip:

It was an epic journey, with each destination rich enough to be relived and retold in detail. Enough detail to help preserve these newly-forged memories for my wife, our boys, and myself. Enough detail that I hope to atone for my youthful lack of appreciation so many long years ago.