First Anniversary Road Trip: Canada and Niagara Falls

With our tenth anniversary coming up this year, I’m growing nostalgic.

Yes, I’ve said that Angela and I consciously based our relationship on travel. Yes, you’ve read the story about our incredible fifth anniversary trip to Spain, Gibraltar, and Morocco. And, yes, we intentionally married adventure when we married each other.

But I think our first big road trip was the cement that held all of those nuggets of good intentions together.

You learn something about your new life partner when you’re stuck in a car for hours on end and have run out of witty banter. When you have zero idea about the quality of local hotel beds or restaurants. When the hours have grown long and you just. can’t. drive. any. more.

We were both under the microscope here, but this trip was my idea. With this gamble, I would either lose her early or win her forever. And so, I rolled the dice and drove to Canada.

For the rest of the story, I’ll rely on Angela to share it in pictures and words:


“I heard the leaves are pretty in Ohio this weekend,” he said. “Want to take a road trip?”


“There will be a quiz later,” she forewarned.


“Once you’ve made it to Michigan,” they thought, “why not keep going to Canada?”


“What a beautiful Canadian day for our first wedding anniversary!” they mused.


“What a breathtaking sight!” she exclaimed, not referring to the falls.


“If it’s pretty from up here,” they pondered, “why not see it up close?”


“That’s quite a reasonable ticket price,” he ascended. 


“Better safe than sorry,” he proclaimed, donning both hood and hat.


“Why, yes, it is a sight to behold!” she enthused, this time referring to both man and mist.