Unexpected Romance in Kraków, Poland

When I think of romance, Poland is not the first place that springs to mind. In fact, I don’t think of Poland in conjunction with romance at all.

Our first few days in Kraków didn’t do anything to change that perception.

By day, we visited the historic city center and landmarks including Wawel Castle, Corpus Christi Basilica, and St. Mary’s Basilica. There are also plenty of tours that will take you through Auschwitz and Oskar Schindler’s enamel factory. All of this is insightful, informative, and awe-inspiring but again, not romantic.


By night, we returned to the main market square, where we dodged stumbling stag parties by the dozen as we enjoyed street food — everything from pierogies and kiełbasa to obwarzanek and pope’s hats. Amusing and delicious, respectively, but still not romantic.


Then one evening as we sat at a cafe on the square overlooking the Church of St. Peter and Paul, it happened. From out of nowhere, romance hit.

It started with an opera singer busking for tips, followed by a cellist that moved me to tears.

We waltzed in the street, and Poland became a precious stop on our around-the-world adventure.