We Married Adventure Featured on NOOGAtoday

The folks at NOOGAtoday asked us to write the first submission for their new VOICES column, and they featured it as today’s cover story. Check out the wonderful introduction they wrote below, then click through to read Mike’s piece about the first six months of our around-the-world adventure and see the photos!

“Travel the world. It’s a dream that many of us imagine, but only a few of us make a reality.

Chattanooga couple Mike and Angela Ballard wanted to do something special for their 10th wedding anniversary and Mike’s 50th birthday. As avid travelers, the plan quickly snowballed into one of those “trips of a lifetime,” a whirlwind 11-month travel adventure to seven continents and 150 countries/territories.

More than 5 years of savings and over a year of planning went into the trip. They officially embarked on the journey last June and have been writing about their adventures on a blog called We Married Adventure.

Mike has been a traveler his entire life. His dad was an engineer and worked for several international companies, and the family spent time living in multiple cities. That love for travel is something he and Angela want to pass down to their children.

We asked the couple to share some words + photos from their adventure so far.” Read the column on NOOGAtoday at 11 months, 7 continents.