Postcards to Wanda: Mozambique

We caught Mozambique at an odd time, for both us and the country itself.

After pushing ourselves so hard for two months trying to experience everything Africa had to offer, we had run out of gas and needed some rest.

As it turned out, we showed up in Maputo, Mozambique, on a weekend that included a federal holiday. Almost implying that Mozambique needed a respite as well since most shops and restaurants were closed.

So we spent much of our time in the capital city dining at the hotel restaurant, getting to know the owners, and visiting with other guests. We had stumbled into essentially an expat hotel. At the Sundown Guest House, everyone was from somewhere other than Mozambique, including the hotel owner (Bosnian) and the chef (Ethiopian).

It seemed fitting that our last stop on the continent was such a cultural mashup. Friendly conversation every evening in the small dining room. A mix of languages with everyone sharing stories about themselves, about their homes far away, and about the wonder that is Africa.