Under the Watchful Eyes of Angkor Wat

It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not.

Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, or Undecided.

There is an undeniable power, a reverence, a connectedness, a peace that permeates the ancient site of Angkor Wat. The way sounds fall lightly in the dense jungle, absorbed into the snarled roots that both destroy and enhance the temple walls, turning them at once into piles of rubble and living things.

A thousand eyes staring at you, above you, through you, and into the middle distance. Eyes without pupils or focus, made of stone and immortality. Spying on the spinning cosmos and the striving souls of humankind.

Doorways open to the world and nothingness.

The knowing smiles of god-kings. The weaving of faith in a compendium of countless  deities now funneled into one pulse. A thrumming of grand purpose and lost science, the ground shaking to stand still.

The dying light, at once glorious and gone, revealing what we have been.

What we should be.

What we could become.