How One-Way Airline Tickets Can Stretch Your Travel Dollars

For a long time, no matter where you were headed, it was difficult and expensive to put together a trip itinerary using one-way travel. One-way tickets make scheduling more difficult for airlines, so travelers trying to game the system with creative itineraries were often punished with higher prices.

Not only that, since business travelers were the bulk of their income, airlines knew they could charge corporate travel departments a premium in exchange for convenient flight times built around the work day. This left leisure travelers with little choice about when they traveled, where they went, or how much they paid.

But as travel styles have evolved, so have airlines’ regulations. Although they are still a lucrative source of airline revenue, business travelers only made up 12 percent of air traffic in 2019. And not only are leisure travelers jet setting in greater numbers, they have increasingly varied travel needs – including a desire to visit a variety of destinations around the globe at their own pace. 

So how do you piece together an itinerary of one-way flights to maximize your travel experiences and minimize costs? Get our tips in Angela’s latest article for Lonely Planet!

Lonely Planet: How One-Way Airline Tickets Can Stretch Your Travel Dollars