An Interview with the Best-Traveled Person Alive

Harry Mitsidis will tell you there was “an international element to it all” from the moment he took his first breath. The son of a South African mother and a Greek father, Mitsidis was born in London and has been traveling all his life. He has visited every United Nations (UN) country at least once — and is just a few shy of visiting all 193 countries a second time — and has seen 1,253 of the world’s 1,301 regions.

He is ranked number one on Nomad Mania, the global community he launched to connect people who are passionate about travel. But the ranking isn’t artificially inflated just because he founded the site. Mitsidis is also number one on The Biggest Travellers (TBT) list, which evaluates travelers around the world on their composite rankings across the Most Traveled People list, Travelers’ Century Club for those who have visited more than 100 UN+ countries and territories, and other authenticated criteria.

“In the process of seeing, sensing, meeting, understanding and comparing, traveling has become my way of life,” Mitsidis said. “Staying put has become increasingly hard.”

We Married Adventure had the pleasure of interviewing Mitsidis, and we asked him about his favorite destinations, his most memorable foreign meal, and his dream travel companion. He also shared his advice for people who are hesitant to travel internationally. Watch the video now!

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