How to Save Money When You Travel

On our latest segment for “The Daily Refresh” on NewsChannel 9 (WTVC ABC television), we shared our top tips for saving money when you travel. Click the image below to watch the interview and save money on your next adventure!

  1. Skip the checked bags.
    • Traveling with only carry-on luggage means your bags will never be lost!
    • If you must check luggage, use the airline’s own credit card to book your ticket, since many of them include one free checked bag with your reservation.
  2. Travel during the off season.
    • The “off season” varies from place to place, so do your research to find out when the least popular time of year is for your destination. Prices are typically lower, and the experience is just as fun.
    • There are also fewer crowds during the off season, so you won’t waste time standing in line. 
  3. Bring a refillable water bottle.
    • Save money and avoid single-use plastic by bringing your own container from home.
    • If you’re flying, fill the bottle at a water fountain or bottle filling station after you’ve passed through airport security. 
    • Use a UV light pen to make tap water safe to drink wherever you are. Our favorite is SteriPen, which works with any bottle or glass. It’s USB rechargeable, too.
  4. Pack your own snacks.
    • Nonperishable foods including fruit, nuts, crackers, chocolate, beef jerky, popcorn and more make healthy, convenient options. And if you’re taking a road trip, you can pack a cooler with chilled options like cheese, yogurt and sandwich meat.
    • As long as it’s a solid — meaning you can’t spill, spread, or pour it — then food is just fine to take on flights. Check TSA guidelines for additional details.
  5. Use public transportation.
    • Walking is the free and healthy option!
    • For farther distances, use apps like Google Maps to help you navigate buses, subways and other low-cost public transit with real-time updates.
  6. Find parking deals.
    • Many hotels, convention centers and other facilities with abundant parking rent spots in their parking lots and garages for just a few dollars a day, and many of them also provide airport shuttles. Our favorite website for this is Spot Hero.
  7. Earn points and miles every day.
    • Never miss a chance to earn free flights, hotel stays, cruises and more with your everyday purchases!
    • We put everything from utility bills to groceries on our cards, then turn around and pay them off immediately to avoid interest charges.