The Ancient Pyramids of Peru’s Caral-Supe

In his most recent article for Atlas Obscura, Mike wrote about a 5,000-year-old city in Peru that holds the remains of a stunning set of astronomically-aligned pyramids. 

Coastal Peru is a landscape of deep-cut ravines and the glacial melt of Andes-spawned rivers cascading through narrow, arid corridors to a waiting Pacific Ocean. If you look at a modern road map of the country, you will see a network of highways cutting northeast through the mountains, linking the high plateau of the Amazonian interior to the dry cliffs overlooking the sea. 

These present-day roads mimic the footpaths of ancient people who migrated to South America and sought their own routes to the coast, finding fertile, protected valleys along the way where they created something spectacular. We don’t yet know exactly when these people first arrived in what is now Peru, but we do know when they built the civilization at Caral-Supe: 2627 B.C.

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