Ready, set, go! We’re on our way around the world

Ready or not, world, here we come!

And by ready or not, I mostly mean me. Mike has been champing at the bit for weeks now, while I’ve been a bit apprehensive about making the leap. I’m excited about seeing the world and discovering where we’d like to make our next home, but my pre-trip to-do list has so many things I’ll never get done.

You know what, though? That’s okay.

It’s time to set my sights firmly forward and be nothing but excited about this adventure.

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We’re traveling in a generally-easterly direction, always toward the rising sun. That’s part philosophy and part good trip planning. It was way cheaper for us to find flights from the eastern United States to Europe, and it helps us acclimate to this undertaking by slowly letting go of our familiar western world.

We’ve already visited Egypt, India, China, Morocco, and Thailand. But those were all short stints, and we knew we needed to get our travel legs firmly established before spending weeks or months communicating through broken English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

You will find a map of our planned routes below. Please note that this map is subject to change and is currently incomplete as we have yet to decide our exact route back to the States from Ushuaia, Argentina. As the plan changes, so will this map.


You can also read our current and previous posts by geographical region: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America.

We’re planning to create some interactive maps for each region. But those take time, and we are honestly too busy traveling, writing, and editing photos to work on them right now. In time, all of the things will get done!

If we’re headed someplace you’ve been, please comment or message us with your suggestions. We love hearing about the places you love!