Around the World in Review, Leg 02: Driving loop in Western Europe and Mallorca

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Angela, Ben, and I arrived in Barcelona, Spain, and immediately set out on a month-long road trip in Western Europe, moving counterclockwise around the perimeter of France.

We stopped first along the Spanish Costa Brava before moving on through the French Riviera, Monaco, and Marseille, France, where we caught up with dear friends. We turned north to pass through the Italian Alps at the Ticino region and on to a nostalgic stop in Switzerland before visits in Liechtenstein and the Champagne region of France.

After stops in Luxembourg and Cologne, Germany, we turned west for an extended visit to Belgium. Then, we drove along the northern coast of France before stopping at Mont Saint-Michel to witness several sunrises. We explored the Bordeaux region of France and the Pyrenees Mountain region of France, Spain, and Andorra before arriving back in Barcelona for a cooking class and a thorough exploration of the city.

Angela and I continued on alone to the Spanish island of Mallorca as Ben had to fly back to the States for school.

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