Around the World in Review, Leg 01: Toronto, Iceland, Faroe Islands, United Kingdom, Lisbon, Azores, Madeira, and Canary Islands

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Angela and I, along with our 16-year-old son, Ben, left from our hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee, flying through Atlanta, Georgia, on our way to Toronto, Canada. After a short stop in Iceland, we arrived in the Faroe Islands where we spent an eventful five days. Then it was on to meet Angela’s parents in Edinburgh, Scotland, and travel with them by train to London, England.

After renting a car and driving to Kew Gardens and through the English countryside to Wales and back, Angela, Ben, and I flew to Lisbon, Portugal, for a few days before hopping over to the Azores for a week of scuba diving with our friends from Colorado. We then visited the Portuguese island of Madeira before flying on to the Canary Islands.

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