Around the World in Review: Start Here!

Angela and I have returned from our year-long trip around the world, visiting all seven continents and 130 countries and territories.

It was a daunting, wonderful, exhausting trip of a lifetime, difficult in the original telling. So many places, cultures, and events experienced that we struggle to recall it all, the details becoming convoluted. The days and weeks blurring together in a raucous cacophony of taxi rides, side street explorations, exotic foods, jungle treks, glacial hikes, and new friends met.

And the movement. Ever onward. Ever forward. Ever eastward into the next new day.

An adventure worthy of a retelling.


Just in case you missed any of our previous posts about this trip around the world, we are providing the comprehensive route map above, along with links to each of the trip legs below.

The link to each leg will then provide a more detailed map and links to all of the blog posts written about that portion of the trip. Hopefully, it will help put this journey into perspective for us. And for you, dear reader, perhaps it will provide a small help for future adventures of your own.

Leg 01: Toronto, Iceland, Faroe Islands, United Kingdom, Lisbon, Azores, Madeira, and Canary Islands

Leg 02: Driving Loop in Western Europe and Mallorca

Leg 03: Morocco, Tunisia, Central Europe, and Scandinavia

Leg 04: Baltic States, Russia, and Eastern Europe

Leg 05: Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia

Leg 06: Greece, Balkan States, Italy, and Mediterranean Cruise

Leg 07: Cyprus, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Kuwait, UAE, and Oman

Leg 08: Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, and Seychelles

Leg 09: Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Macau, and China

Leg 10: South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Philippines

Leg 11: Singapore, Cambodia, and Sumatra

Leg 12: Brunei, Malaysia, Kalimantan, Java, Bali, and Timor-Leste

Leg 13: Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and Hawaii

Leg 14: Argentina, Uruguay, Tiera del Fuego, and Antarctica

Leg 15: Patagonia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia

Leg 16: Panama, Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Bahamas, Haiti, and Jamaica