Around the World in Review, Leg 07: Cyprus, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Kuwait, UAE, and Oman

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We left Europe behind for this trip and flew to Cyprus where Angela and I completed a driving tour of much of the island. It was then a short plane ride to Beirut, Lebanon, where we found great food, amazing Roman ruins, and a dead body floating in the ocean.

Next, we arrived in Amman, Jordan, which we used as a hub to explore Israel and Palestine via the land border before traveling to the ancient city of Petra for my 50th birthday. We would highly recommend any visit to Petra, but you should probably read these tips first.

We hopped through Kuwait on our way to visit a childhood friend in the United Arab Emirates. During a self-driving tour of all seven emirates, we managed to fit in a couple of days at Khasab, Oman, on the Musandam peninsula where we explored desert fjords and sailed with dolphins.

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